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The Legacies We Leave

Life is made up of little moments that tell our stories. Stories which will be part of the legacy we leave. I hope to help people leave a legacy of beautiful photographs that capture their love for life.

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Snow Day!! Finally after living in Virginia for two and half years we get a decent snow! Not just once but twice! When we first found out we were leaving the high deserts of California and moving to Northern Virginia we all got excited about seasons again. Once we locked on a home to rent […]


Why Senior Rep Teams? I imagine a Senior guy thinking why on earth would I want to be apart of a Senior Rep team and have to endure more than one senior portrait session during my senior year? It’s already bad enough my mom is forcing me to take senior portraits. Can’t you hear it? […]

Senior Portraits

Wow! I can’t believe 2018 is already coming to an end. This year seemed to flash by in a blur. When I was thinking about my 2018 Year in Review, I was amazed by how many new and different things I experienced. I was definitely pushed out of my comfort zone more than a few […]


My sweet friends Melissa and Jessica approached me a little over a month go to pencil them in for a snow shoot! This one would depend on flexibility and the weather. After all, we live in Fredericksburg it could snow anytime between December or April. And the amount of snow, well that is totally unpredictable. […]


It’s the most…wonderful time…of the yeearrrrr!! When I think of legacies to leave behind, I think of holiday traditions. What will be those things that my children remember most from their childhood? Easter egg decorating. Fourth of July fireworks. Thanksgiving feast. But one of my favorites is Christmas tree hunting. This week I thought I […]

Legacies We Leave

Early Spring I had this idea to begin offering a different kind of photography experience for teens. I had noticed that most family shoots the teens were well behaved and smiled on cue but they didn’t seem to be having as much fun as my younger kid clients. So I teamed up with my son […]


Hey Y’all!! I am so excited to share this wedding at Fawn Lake Country Club with you today! This wedding marks the first step in a new direction for this beautiful couple and for my business. I love being able to witness the moment when man and woman become husband and wife. Marriage holds a special […]


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!! When I think of Thanksgiving, I think of family, food, and fun! My day isn’t complete without those three things. Even though I’d love to stay cuddled warm in my bed, I rise early before the rest of the house. Brew myself a nice warm cup of coffee and check my list […]


“Happy Birthday, Marine!” That is something you may hear or see a lot of in your social media feed, every year on November 10th. The Continental Marines were established on that day in 1775 . Now, I won’t pretend to be a Marine Corps historian. I won’t rattle off a bunch of facts that you […]

Legacies We Leave

It’s November! The only month from August to February we don’t have a birthday to celebrate. Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family. Some years are bigger than others. But no matter how big the birthday celebration, one thing always remains the same. Birthday Donuts! This Hubb Club birthday tradition wasn’t a […]

Legacies We Leave

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