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It’s August – It’s Hot and Humid – It’s Been a Crazy Busy Summer. So what is one to do? Simple, it’s time for a break, time to escape the hectic routine and the heat. Our family is very good at planning. As a military family we have to be able to make a plan (with multiple back up plans) and execute those plans effectively. PCS moves (permanent change of station) would be even more chaotic if we weren’t good planners. Seriously, how does one move from Hawaii to Texas (with 3 children (still in car seats), a large dog, 10 pieces of luggage, 2 rifle cases, and don’t forget  the carry on luggage) without a proper plan? It was fun but I’m sure we looked like the air travel version of the Clampetts.

Even though we are good at planning, we are also excellent at being spontaneous. Yes, the military life has taught us to plan but it has also taught us that life is short and no one is guaranteed a tomorrow. We must take advantage of special opportunities when they arise. So with little to no planning we decided on a Wednesday that Friday we would travel to Marathon, NY and enjoy something my husband did as a child for years, blueberry picking. My husband is from the part of New York where there is more country and cows than city. It’s absolutely beautiful! Beautiful as it is, I told him I could never live there. Why you ask?? Well, we experienced flurries the morning of his brother’s college graduation. It was June people and they had flurries, No Thank You! However, I never mind visiting. This Texas girl simply can’t handle the long winters.

The day was perfect! Locals may have said it was a touch warm, but coming from hot and humid Virginia the weather was absolutely wonderful. God’s country couldn’t have been more beautiful and the berries were perfectly sweet. We came home well rested, refreshed  and carrying nearly 30 pounds of blueberries! Bring on the pancakes and muffins!