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What Legacy will your Love Leave?

Welcome to the next chapter of your story. A story you will create with the one you love and share with generations to come. Weddings are a joyful beginning to a beautiful chapter in life called marriage.
I'm here to help you tell that story.

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fine wedding photography in Fredericksburg, VA

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A Legacy of Love

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Southern Peach Styled Inspiration

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding day is extremely important, because once the day is over, the memories and photographs are what's left. 

Moments you'll never forget

 The photographs that are taken on your wedding day will eventually become a treasured legacy, passed down for generations.

I believe in herilooms.

being a little bit crazy, snuggling on the couch while watching movies or binge watching netflix, but always ready for an adventure, we love Harley riding on back country roads, and our home is always open to family & friends.

what we are known for:

Our adventures began in 1999 when he asked and I said "I do!" We have lived all over the U.S. including a few tours in beautiful Hawaii. We love to embrace and explore every new place we go. With so many opportunities to explore new destinations and experience new adventures, documenting our life has become a real passion of mine. The military life also keeps the knowledge that life is short at the forefront of our minds. Taking the time to capture the love, laughter and life we share is truly a priceless treasure. 

I'm a Texas girl who fell in love with a Yankee from New York. We met in Vermont and life has been an adventure every since.

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Stacie’s bright & shining personality shines through in her photography.. and so does her passion for the camera. She took photos as I was getting ready and suggested a first look for my husband and I to see each other prior to the ceremony. It was so intimate and she was there to capture that special moment. I will never forget this day.. I often find myself weekly going back to the photographs to brighten my day. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her passion to make others so happy.

"I have no words to describe Stacie and her countless talents." 

Meg & Ricky

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