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It’s the most…wonderful time…of the yeearrrrr!! When I think of legacies to leave behind, I think of holiday traditions. What will be those things that my children remember most from their childhood? Easter egg decorating. Fourth of July fireworks. Thanksgiving feast. But one of my favorites is Christmas tree hunting. This week I thought I […]

“Happy Birthday, Marine!” That is something you may hear or see a lot of in your social media feed, every year on November 10th. The Continental Marines were established on that day in 1775 . Now, I won’t pretend to be a Marine Corps historian. I won’t rattle off a bunch of facts that you […]

Marine in Dress Blues

It’s November! The only month from August to February we don’t have a birthday to celebrate. Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family. Some years are bigger than others. But no matter how big the birthday celebration, one thing always remains the same. Birthday Donuts! This Hubb Club birthday tradition wasn’t a […]

Family enjoying birthday donuts for breakfast

Toby Mac recently released a new single titled, Everything. It’s like he read my mind when he wrote this song. Ok I’m sure he doesn’t even know who I am and probably doesn’t have mind reading powers. But his song and the vision executed in his video is exactly how I would describe seeing life […]

Let me ask you something? Why do we take the time and spend the money to have our photographs taken? Seriously. Stop. Think. Now what is your why? I enjoy taking photos for many reasons. Documenting milestones in my children’s lives. Capturing special once in a lifetime events. But one of the main reasons I […]

One of the many things my clients wonder after scheduling a session is now “what to wear”.  Styling has never been a strong suit of mine. That is more of my sister’s area of expertise. However, I have learned quite a bit in recent years so that I am better able to serve my clients. […]

Every year the seasons change. We watch the cold of Winter melt into Spring. Spring delights us for a time then transforms into Summer. As we enjoy the heat of Summer, soon we are anxious for the temps to cool off into fall. Then before we know it Winter rolls around once more. My Dad […]

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