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The Legacies We Leave

Life is made up of little moments that tell our stories. Stories which will be part of the legacy we leave. I hope to help people leave a legacy of beautiful photographs that capture their love for life.

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It’s the most…wonderful time…of the yeearrrrr!! When I think of legacies to leave behind, I think of holiday traditions. What will be those things that my children remember most from their childhood? Easter egg decorating. Fourth of July fireworks. Thanksgiving feast. But one of my favorites is Christmas tree hunting. This week I thought I […]

Let’s Get Outside this Fall! Fall has finally arrived, a little late, but it’s here! The leaves seem a little confused. It seemed some started dropping before they even turned. An now the ones turning seem to be doing so in a rather odd fashion. Only parts of the trees have turned and the other […]

I’ve been waiting for a day at Chancellorsville Barn since August when Tracy called me to book the boys. Is it been a year since I spent some time with the Reds and I was excited to see how much these boys have grown since last year. I love that my clients become more like […]

Let me ask you something? Why do we take the time and spend the money to have our photographs taken? Seriously. Stop. Think. Now what is your why? I enjoy taking photos for many reasons. Documenting milestones in my children’s lives. Capturing special once in a lifetime events. But one of the main reasons I […]

When you hear the word “Vintage” what comes to mind? I think it might be different for everyone based on their age. For me the word vintage brings images of World War II soldiers and pin-up girls to mind. That era, though I’m sure it was an extremely stressful and difficult time in our world, […]

One of the many things my clients wonder after scheduling a session is now “what to wear”.  Styling has never been a strong suit of mine. That is more of my sister’s area of expertise. However, I have learned quite a bit in recent years so that I am better able to serve my clients. […]

Senior Year! I remember high school being some of the best years of my life! Friends, sports, events and school spirit! I’m proud to say I was 100% school spirit nerd! I wore the school colors on spirit day. Loved attending the pep rallies before school on Friday’s. Never missed a football game (who misses […]

Do you ever wonder why your family photographer wants to schedule your portrait session during dinner? Or a few hours before bedtime?! The answer is – Golden Hour. I know, I know I can see you slump your shoulders and roll your eyes, big deal golden hour. What does that even mean? That term may […]

Summer time is here! It’s time for playing outside and making great memories. Those memories are even sweeter when you have a sister to share them with. Sidewalk chalk, water play and exploring nature are just a few that come to mind. Lazy days of summer were such a wonder as a child. All play […]

I live in this perfect little area of Fredericksburg, VA. While at my home you have the feeling of living in the country. No city lights or highway noise at night, only the twinkle of the stars and sounds of nature. It’s a great blend of country and mid-sized town all in one! The best […]

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