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Capturing Real Life & Real Smiles

In my opinion photography should be a relaxing, fun and a personal kind of experience. I believe capturing someone’s life moments should be taken seriously but should also have an element of personal connection. This is when relationship happens. Then when from behind the camera I say things like, “Y’all look awesome”, or ”that is an amazing smile”. They know I am being honest and not just trying to fluff them up for a photo. Creating real, in-person relationships is important. Especially in this day and age of social media.

This is why I try to make every session about getting to know my client on a personal level. Not to be a creepy stalker but because I want them to know I really see them and it’s ok to relax into who they really are in front of my camera. My photography is not about capturing that perfectly posed, stiff smiled image. I want to capture their real life, their real smile. For that my clients need to feel relaxed, safe and comfortable knowing I am here for them. Because it’s when we feel our best and most relaxed that we are able to create and capture the best photographs that tell the story of our lives. Otherwise we get a bunch great pictures of stiff smiles and glassy eyes. My goal during every shoot is to find that real smile the one you can see in their eyes. 

Dress Your Best

I love it when clients dress up for their photos! Have you ever noticed when we take the time to get dressed up we naturally stand taller, hold our heads higher and smile brighter? When Kristen and David arrived with the family I was so excited to see David exit the car sporting a red bow tie! I shouldn’t have been surprised like I said earlier they are always dressed well and looking good. But I was still excited because I knew the rest of their outfits would be just as awesome and were we going to have fun as we capture some great photos! The color and pattern combos were perfect! The red’s were going to pop so nicely off of what looked like a winter scene. 

It’s been nearly a year since I had this family of 7 in front of my camera. I first met Kristen and David when they were searching for a wedding photographer last summer. From the moment they walked into the Starbucks where we met, I knew I wanted to be more than just their photographer. I hoped that I could be their friend. The energy and love that surrounds them couple draws you in. They are both a joy to spend time with and are simply put, just good people. They also have an amazing sense of style! I’m pretty sure they could both start a little stylist side hustle and be very successful. We laughed and talked as we moved from one spot to the next. The kids had a great time running around the trails chasing huge grasshoppers and finding lady bugs. It was a very enjoyable evening. 

Kristen & David I had the best night with you and your family! I hope we don’t wait another year before connecting again.