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Fridays in Fredericksburg – Agora Downtown My Favorite Downtown Coffee Shop

Fridays in Fredericksburg

When you think of coffee shops the first that usually pops into the average person head is Starbucks. I love my Starbucks, don’t get me wrong. But recently I have been on a mission to  shop local. I wanted to find the unique things that make up the amazing little town of Fredericksburg. So I decided that my photo editing needed to be done outside of my home. Which meant I needed to find a quiet place with coffee where I could work. One thing I love about Downtown Fredericksburg is their repurposing of historic buildings. Let’s visit Agora Downtown for this Fridays in Fredericksburg.

When family can do something they love and love what they do, together, that’s awesome!

Agora Downtown Coffee Shop is owned and operated by two sisters! LOVE! When family can do something they love and love what they do, together, that’s awesome! Their little coffee shop is located in one of the oldest buildings in Fredericksburg. This home was built in 1787, and today it still feels that way. When you walk in it’s as if you have stepped into a friends home to enjoy a mid-morning cup of coffee and some homemade treats! But Agora is so much more! You’ll find used books for sale, and some amazing handmade items! I hadn’t even tasted one sip and I was already in love.
I ordered my usual vanilla cappuccino. It’s the test drink I order it from every coffee shop I visit. Hands down, Agora is my absolute favorite!!!! I enjoyed an amazing hour sipping my cappuccino and editing my photos. When I finished I looked around trying to find some reason to stay longer. I could have had another coffee and perused the used books but then I would never want to leave. My husband loves their Mocha! Our simple dates nights always include a stop at Agora as we stroll, window shopping downtown.