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Summertime in New York City Our family adventure in the Big Apple


The summer of 2018 was a blur! Our school district decided they we going to break the “Thou shall not start school before Labor Day” rule and bumped the start day to August 13th! Wait, What??? We only had 7 short weeks to cram in summer school, missions trips, swim lessons, and travel baseball. Just looking at the calendar I couldn’t see how we would have time to throw in a family vacation. We didn’t let our full calendar stop us! Our military life has taught us to be spontaneous and take advantage of opportunities that may pop up unexpectedly! So when we had the chance to do a little summertime in New York City we packed up, booked a hotel and took off for an adventure in the Big Apple!

First stop! Yankee Stadium! My sweet husband has been a life long Yankees fan so I’m not sure we will ever be able to take a trip to the city without squeezing in a game. Since this was a last minute trip finding enough seats for all of us to sit together was difficult! Refusing to give up Chad found seats one row from the very top of the stadium! You would think from this high up you’d feel disconnected from the game but it was really amazing to see a game and watch the crowd from this vantage point!

 Go Yankees (I’ll always love you TX but when in NYC…)

After a long day of traveling and a late night at the stadium we caught a few hours sleep and then got right back to it the next day! With no real time to make plans in advance I decided to just pick something we hadn’t done before. So a walk through central park it is! I always wanted to see those iconic locations you see in the movies like Home Alone and You’ve Got Mail. Madison took a spin on the carousel, we made a wish in the fountain, stopped to cool off at a little splash pad and finished our walk through Central Park a few blocks away from The Met! (Can you say Gossip Girl! haha)

Yes, I will admit it, sitting on the steps of The Met was on my to do list as I had just recently finished binge watching Gossip Girl! After stopping for some food truck snacks and watching the people as we lounged on the steps. I was ready to move to the Upper East Side! I didn’t actually get to make the trip inside The Met though. With three tired teens (remember I just dragged them through more than half of central park) and a little girl who only wanted to know where they next train stop was; I figured I would leave the art for another day when I could enjoy the experience without being rushed.

Well, we couldn’t leave the city with out some souvenirs so a walk from the Upper East Side to Time Square was in order. Yep! We walked! And even though my kids were tired I loved every step of it! We stopped inside St. Patricks Cathedral so they could rest and I could still indulge in taking way too many vacation photos. Then it was back on our feet for a trip to American Girl, LEGO & Time Square for some NY sized chocolate! Overall our trip to the “City” was awesome! We didn’t have time to visit my favorite bridge, but a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge with my crew is definitely on the list for our next trip! Even though this Texas girl loves wide open spaces there is something magical about visiting NYC! I’ve loved every trip I’ve taken!

Ok that’s it! All done! I promise!! If you made it this far you’re totally awesome and I thank you for following my NYC journey!!