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I have been to my fair share of promotion ceremonies. As a Marine Corps spouse of more than 20 years I’ve been to a lot of ceremonies; promotions, retirements, change of commands. They never get old. I absolutely love the pomp and circumstance that comes with these special military moments. As I look back on […]

Recently I had the opportunity to capture the fun times had at the O’neal retirement party. But things weren’t quite official until this month! The day finally came when Shaun traded his uniform in for a suit. Before that happened we made sure he put those pretty Dress Blues on one last time! Though he […]

My Marine Corps Marathon Experience Confession…I am not a runner. Growing up I was the sports girl. Soccer, swimming, basketball, volleyball, track. If it required short burst of high intense energy I was your girl! The longest distance I ever ran was as the anchor of the 880 yard relay in middle school. I simply […]


Congratulations LtCol & Mrs. McCully, job well done! When I say job well done, I really mean it! It’s not easy to become a LtCol in the Marine Corps. On average, it takes a service member 16 to 22 years to attain the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Out of approximately 900 eligible Marine Officers, a […]

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