I am 100% a people person!

I thrive off of human interaction! Collaborating with others gives me the kind of energy that makes me feel like I could fly. So starting a photography business was a no brainer. I get to work with lots of awesome people all the time.

Being a military spouse only enhanced my desire to meet new people and try new things. An adventurous spirit was a must for me to thrive as a military spouse. When you're required to pack up and move every three years you've got to be ready for whatever comes your way.

The military life also keeps the knowledge that life is short front and center. Taking the time to capture the love, laughter and life we share is truly a treasure. Making sure I documented our travel adventures so I could more clearly share our story with our kids (and one day grandkids) was important to me. Memories fade. But I believe that photos help freeze those moments and capture the stories we will tell later.

This is why I'm dedicated to providing an authentic and fun photography experience for my clients. I pray these photos will not only tell our stories today but will one day show our grandchildren how extraordinary their life has been.

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My business is all about relationships

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My favorites

My daily fuel is strong & sweet I love the rich taste of espresso partnered with the sweet taste of foam.

Great Coffee

and the outdoors. I'm a sucker for sunsets. I believe there is no better artist than the Good Lord Himself.

My Camera

Unapologetic Stay-At-Home-Mom
For me that means staying at home until these arrows are ready to fly!

My Family

and all the colored pens. Black and white just won't do. I love to write with the rainbow.


Reading books is like having my own personal team of mentors sitting on a shelf ready to share their wisdom. 


Coffee and conversation is where great relationships begin.

Everything in business is learnable, fixable, and figureoutable.

An Overbooked calendar does not equal a successful business.

I believe:




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