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It’s gonna be a great year! The leaves have changed. The weather is cooler and that means busy season for portraits. My absolute favorite sessions are with my Seniors. There is just something awesome about Fall senior portraits. It’s the beginning of their last year of high school and excitement levels are high. Which make […]

Senior year! One of the best years of school. It’s a year of firsts, but mostly a year of lasts. One starts with their last, first day of school. At least the last one where parents will make you wake up early, get dressed nicely, comb your hair and stand on the front steps for […]

Senior year is in full swing and so are senior pictures! It’s the perfect time of year! The fall colors are peeking out and the weather is amazing! Taking time to capture senior portraits is important! Senior year like senior sessions only happen once. When the moment has past, it’s gone. No repeats. I wish […]

Lately, I’ve been reading and listening to podcast about the different generations. I am a GenXer. One podcast said this meant that I prefer people to be real. Be who they are, just give it to me straight. I couldn’t agree with that more. I don’t particularly like fluff or flattery. Now this doesn’t mean […]

Have you ever noticed how summer can seem long and short at the same time? School ends and the first few weeks of summer seem heavenly. No alarm clocks, no plans, no problems. But then you hit a certain point and feel a twinge of panic that it’s going too fast. This is when you […]

The time has arrive for the class of 2020 to begin taking their Senior year portraits! It’s five years past the time when Marty McFly went into the future and we still don’t have flying cars or proper hover boards. Though I don’t think it’s as far off as we may think. Some things have […]

What do you remember about your High School years? I’m sure I experienced some level of stress . But I can only remember the awesome parts! Friends, sports, events, dances; notice how I didn’t list academics. Academics are an obvious part of school, but what made high school great was the relationships. When we decided […]

Why Senior Rep Teams? I imagine a Senior guy thinking why on earth would I want to be apart of a Senior Rep team and have to endure more than one senior portrait session during my senior year? It’s already bad enough my mom is forcing me to take senior portraits. Can’t you hear it? […]

Senior Year! I remember high school being some of the best years of my life! Friends, sports, events and school spirit! I’m proud to say I was 100% school spirit nerd! I wore the school colors on spirit day. Loved attending the pep rallies before school on Friday’s. Never missed a football game (who misses […]

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