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Lately, I’ve been reading and listening to podcast about the different generations. I am a GenXer. One podcast said this meant that I prefer people to be real. Be who they are, just give it to me straight. I couldn’t agree with that more. I don’t particularly like fluff or flattery. Now this doesn’t mean I handle criticism well (who does). But I would rather you shoot straight and tell the truth, than tell me I’m awesome when you really don’t think so. I try to have the same philosophy when I serve my clients. Which is why I absolutely loved Shelby’s unique senior session.

Be Real, Be You! I loved this unique senior session with Shelby.

Shelby told me upfront she really didn’t like posed pictures. She preferred shots that were more candid. The kind that simply captured her being herself. YES! I can totally get behind that!! Now don’t get me wrong I love a glammed up photo! A chance to dress your best. Put on the extra makeup and all the accessories. But I also believe some our favorite photos are the ones where we are just being our everyday selves.

We began at Riverby’s, Shelby’s favorite book store downtown. She shared with me her favorite books and I’m excited to add some of them to my reading list! After a few chill moments just hangin’ in the book store we took off to adventure in nature. Shelby enjoys a bit of hiking and simply being in quiet spaces outdoors. So we headed over to Old Mill Park to take a little adventure down to the Rappahannock River. At every location I would simply direct Shelby where to stand or sit but then I would back away and let her do her thing and simply capture the moments.

Shelby, It was so great hanging out with you! Thanks for sharing one of your favorite places to hand out with me. It’s an amazing spot and I see why you love it! I was excited to hear about your college and future plans and hope that one day I get to read a bit of something you write! Hope you have an amazing Senior Year!!