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My “Go To” Poses for Senior Guys

Senior Portraits

#3 is my Favorite

When you google Senior Photography (wait to do that later) I would say about 95% of the images are of girls. Trying to get our senior guys in front of the camera tends to be more difficult. This is why I make sure I have some solid posing options ready when they do book me for their Senior session. Posing in front of the camera can be awkward for anyone. Even I struggle with knowing what to do when I find myself on the other side of the lens. Having poses ready to make the guys feel confident puts them at ease and allows me to capture some great images for them. Girls more naturally play to the camera and after a while fall into poses pretty nicely.  Make sure to check out my favorite poses for Senior Girls but for now let’s get back to the guys.

Here we go, my go to poses for senior guys! 

Take a Seat

This position is natural and easy for every guy. Leaning forward with their arms on their thighs give their arms something to do and they don’t feel awkward wondering where to put their hands. 

Standing Tall

Girls want to look smaller, But guys want to look bigger than life. So Standing tall toes facing straight forward is easily the number one go to shot for my guys. From here there are so many small variations to change up the look. Hand in pockets, arms crossed, one foot back and relax into that leg, Look Left, Look right, look down and out all from this one position! Easy!

The Lean

Find a wall, a tree or a post and have them lean into it. Lean on one shoulder or with their back up agains the all. Even a fence post makes a great shot if you have them forward into it. The wall, tree or post adds an element of texture into the photo and is a go to standard position most guys naturally find themselves in anyway. When they are comfortable great images are made!

Bended Knee

Take a knee! Again so easy and 100% guy! This pose may depend on what your guys are wearing or their level of flexibility. But most guys have a very natural squat or bended knee position. As previously stated this position can yield itself to quite a bit of variety. Squat low with them, stand tall above them and shoot down. Or even get lower than they are, have them look off into the distance and capture a whole new perspective. There is always lots to do within one single pose.

Well, there you go! My go to poses for Senior Guys. Simple. These are all natural things they would find themselves doing. Guys tend to worry that photographers will make them do things that seem weird or unnatural. Having these poses ready will allow your guys to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.