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Using Dubsado to Organize My Business


Say Hello to Dubsado

Hey Y’all wanted to share a little something with you! If you’ve been following me for any length of time you know I’m a busy mom of four great kids. I’m about to head into sports season. One with baseball, one running track and our youngest adventuring into soccer and swimming. I’m still working on something for the fourth kid. I don’t want to give up what I love to do so I have to be organized and prepared on all fronts. This is where Dubsado comes in for the rescue! Dubsado is my Client Relationship Managment (CRM) system. From invoicing, signing contracts, and scheduling appointments, Dubsado is a software built to save me time, care for my clients, and help me organize my business so I can grow! I can’t imagine doing what I do with confidence and a substantial degree of ease without Dubsado! 

Here are a few reasons I love Dubsado.

I’m sure you’ve heard of calendly it’s another great tool creatives use to stay organize and schedule appointments with their clients. It’s wonderful but Dubsado now has a calendar feature built into their services so what you once had to do with a separated account you can now do right within Dubsado!! So when a client wants to schedule a photo session I simply send them my calendar link. They can choose which date works best for them minus the 100 emails back and forth with dates suggestions as we try to find a date that works for the both of us. Glorious! 

I also love that Dubsado has an accounting feature. Most creative entrepreneurs are not fans of the financial side of their business. Again Dubsado make this part of business easy! When my clients pay for services they are automatically calculated and kept up to date. Then all I have to do is add expenses. I can even assign expenses to a specific job and it allows me to see what my net profit is on each job! At the end of the year after I make sure everything has been accounted for a simple export of my profit loss sheet gives me a nice product to provide the CPA when it time to do taxes. Hallelujah can’t get much better than that! 

One last note. If you own your own small business but don’t think your big enough to need something like Dubsado yet. I would ask you to rethink how much time having CMR like Dubsado can save you. It would allow you to spend more time doing what you love instead of stuck behind the computer dealing with the administrative side of business. 

Spend a little money and save a lot of time to organize your business in order to grow! Win Win in my book! 

That being said – This awesome company has an affiliate program which is fantastic! It’s how I got my start! By using an affiliate link both of us receive some extra love from Dubsado. For you that means 20% off your first year or month of service! If you have been looking for something to help you organize and grow your business, I highly recommend you give Dubsado a look! 

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