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Friday Feature – Ryan’s Senior Session

Senior Portraits

It’s Friday in Fredericksburg and that means it’s time for another Friday Feature Senior Session. Being a boy mom myself I know how difficult it can be to get guys to endure the event that is senior portraits. Nine times out of ten senior guys are just there for their moms. That earns them big points with me because it shows me they are willing to put themselves aside for the love of their mom. They get tons of praise from the start for being an awesome son and showing their mom all the love. My goal is to make sure they have fun and get a say in how and where we take their pictures. I always recommend multiple outfits. One for mom and at least one for them. Again, a perfect recipe for a win-win situation. Mom gets the great well dressed pictures she wants and the senior gets the laid back cool and casual look he wants! Then by the time we end the session we have had so much fun they are already asking their mom on the way home when their pictures will be ready. BIG WIN! 

Senior Sessions in Downtown Fredericksburg are some of the best!

Well y’all say hello Ryan! He’s a pretty awesome guy. I absolutely loved his first wardrobe pic it was completely cool and casual. We had a ton of fun with this one. We had a great walk around Downtown Fredericksburg. Made a stop at the Fredericksburg train station. That’s always a great stop for some edgy senior guy shots. Found a few new locations which made his images fresh and uniquely his own. We also hit up a few stops which have that iconic Fredericksburg feel. All in all we had a great day! Good luck Ryan can’t wait to see you for your cap & gown shots this spring. Hope you enjoy this Friday Feature.