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Quit searching for stock photos

We all know that showing up consistently on social is key for developing and engaging a community of followers. Showing up regularly in your community helps you establish trust. But how does this relate to photography? Well, I like to think of consistency in terms of a brand’s look and feel as much as how often they show up.  If you’re using random stock images you find from this site or that site the look, feel and colors have a greater chance of being off. They will most likely not accurately coordinate with your brand colors. The editing and style will be different from image to image. This confuses clients and believe it or not they turn away to find something else. Showing up with your own stock images that have a consistent look and feel will help develop trust in the type of product or service you provide to your clients. 

When you book a branding session we take all of these things into consideration. From your wardrobe choices to shooting locations and product images we take the time to plan and create on brand images specifically customized for you. We discuss upcoming product releases, course launches anything that may be coming up for your business that you will need personalized branded images to use for advertising. We take a look at your website and social media outlets so we can streamline your brand’s look across all platforms. 

Save Time with Customized Stock Images

Here are two more ways that a branding session can help your business. First, think of all the precious time you gain back which was once wasted searching for stock images that may or may not be on brand. Time you could be spending on connecting with clients, creating content or producing products. Think of the hours spent searching for one image only to discover it’s not quite right and you have to start the hunt again. Second, once you have your brand images you can truly show clients what products and services you offer. Not inspiration photos of things you could create but images of actual products you have created for clients. Or images of behind the scenes so clients get a sneak peek into what working with you looks like. This is huge and helps you develop that know, like, and trust factor with your audience. 

Remember Consistency is key. Showing up regularly is good. Showing up regularly with on brand images to support the content you’re creating is outstanding! If you’re curious about what a session looks like from me I’d love to hear from you.