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New Offering – Brand Photography


Last year I decided it was time to niche down and focus in on the type of photography I really loved to do. This task was harder than I thought it would be. Branding with Creative Entrepreneurs and Seniors Sessions topped my list of most favorites. So this year SHP has added a new offering – Brand Photography.

Let me share why I love and added brand photography to my services. I have a passion for helping people. For a while now I noticed a great number of creative small business owners who were struggling with their social media accounts and websites. Their images lacked a personal touch and colors weren’t consistent. They were taking front porch selfies to use as profile pictures. Worst of all they were wasting hours of their time searching for stock images to fill the gap. I knew I could do something to help. Creative entrepreneurs have enough things to worry about as small business owners, having great images for their company shouldn’t be one of them. Repeat after me …

Do what you do best and outsource the rest.

In today’s digital world great photos are important to our personal lives and are essential for our businesses. But people aren’t just looking for a great product they are also looking for connection. They want to know who they are investing in when they purchase those products. Branding photography is a great way to connect with clients, sell products and tell your story. 

I offer brand photography to creative small business owners who are looking to refresh their websites, create customized catalogs of images to clearly share their passion, products and stories to potential clients. The goal with this new offering of brand photography is to help entrepreneurs like you take back the time you waste searching for stock images so you can work on the business you love. Let’s work together to create personalized, on brand images for your company.  

Not sure if brand photography is for you. Check out this post to read more.