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When to Update Brand Photos

Brand Photography

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How often do I need to update my brand photos. That is a great question! The answer depends on the type of business you have and your social media strategy. Let’s look at one of my recent clients Sarah owner of SaSweets Bakery here in Fredericksburg, VA. She is a fabulous baker and is constantly creating new products for her clients. Her business tends to shift with the seasons. Sure she has her standard catalog of cakes but she also creates fabulous cake shooters for pretty much any holiday you can think of. Business owners like Sarah have to create a plan and know when to update brand photos.

Do your products shift with the seasons?

If you are constantly creating new products then you need a plan to create new content. This helps clients stay up to date with the services and products you are offering. Cell phone shots are great for stories but if you are hoping to develop a professional portfolio to draw on season after season then planning a branding session once a quarter is the best option for you. Take a peek back at that first few images. We shot these photos for her spring line. Sarah will be able to use these images this year and the next and the next as she reminds clients it’s time to order their sweets for spring. Now peek at the photos below. We did another session in late summer to create a fabulous catalog of fall images for her. So if your product shifts with the seasons creating a catalog of images to shift with you will keep you ahead of the game when planning your marketing campaigns.

Where do you start?

Here are few questions to ask yourself as you prepare and plan for your branding sessions. What does my year look like? What are my business goals? Who do I want to serve? When will I be serving them? What message do I want to share with my audience/clients? Knowing the answers to these questions will help us plan your session and ensure we capture all the perfect shots to share your services and products. Maybe now is a great time for a brand refresh. Let’s start a conversation about when to update your brand photos.