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Brand photography may sound sophisticated. Or maybe it just sounds complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. In my last post we broke down the basic definition of branding. Branding = Reputation. In today’s online world your branding whether it is personal or business is the same as talking about your online reputation. Before the digital age your reputation was developed by in-person experiences. Today we can interact with more people at one time through the power of social media. Instead of reaching only the people you met face to face. You’re able to reach hundreds if not thousands with a single post. This is why having quality branding images is a great way to boost your brand and help it stand out. So let’s dive into our next few questions about brand photography. 

How do you choose a brand photographer and is there really a difference between headshots and branding photos? 

Choosing a photographer to help you with your branding is an important process. There are a ton of great photographers out there today. With digital photography and the improvements that have come with phone photography and editing services there are so many options for you to wade through. Which is why I’d like to share a few tips for choosing the right photographer for you and your business. 

First, ask yourself what type of brand photos do you need? Are you looking for a classic headshot or are you looking for something a little bit more fun and true to life? Something that will share your story, your passion and give your clients an inside look into the services you provide.

Headshots or Brand Photos

First, check out their portfolio of work. Who have they worked with in the past? If you simply need a great headshots for your LinkedIn Profile or business cards there are some amazing studio headshot photographers out there! They have mastered the art of studio light and will create some fabulous blank canvas quarter body headshots for you. However, if you are wanting images that show your potential clients what it looks like to work with you, you may need someone else. Look for a photographer who loves to cultivate creativity and storytelling with their images. One who provides quality images of behind the scenes moments and product images and of course a fun twist on the traditional headshot. These type of branding sessions are my jam! They are super fun, very intentional, and will produce a large number of timeless images for your brand. 

So that’s step one … Determine what type of images you’re looking for from a branding session. This will help you decide if you need traditional headshots or a different more creative option.

How often do I need to update my images?

Another question you may ask yourself is how often do I need to update my images. This is a great question to ask yourself and depends on the type of business you have and your social media strategy. Let’s use Sarah for our example.

She is a fabulous baker and is constantly creating new products for her clients. Her business shifts with the seasons. Sure she has her standard catalog of cakes but she also creates fabulous cake shooters for pretty much any holiday you can think of. Business owners like Sarah have two options. 

Option 1 – Book a brand photography session which features a large variety of their main product, leaving out anything that would date your images. So nothing holiday based. These timeless images will last for years. 

Option 2 – Book quarterly branding sessions so you have fresh seasonal images each time a new collection of products is released. This option is great for those who are constantly creating a release new products.

There is a third option and it combines the two options above. Having both timeless and up to date seasonal images will really help your boost your brand in the online space. It also allows clients to see all the new products you’re constantly creating. Working with someone who knows how brand photography can propel your business forward is key.

Need New Images?

Well what do you think? Have I given you some food for thought? Does your business need some new branding images? If you are looking for a way to stop using stock photos and cultivate community with personalized branding images I’d love to chat more.

Now you have your branding photos what do you do next? That’s a great question. I have created a guide to help you maximize the use of your new images. I share my best tips and resources to help you create fabulous content with your new images. One of my favorite tips is showing you how to take one photo and manipulating it to give you 5 different looks. If you’re interested and want to learn more click here to access your free guide to help you boost your brand by maximizing the use of your brand photos.