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Personal is better than Perfect

Brand authenticity is as important for businesses as great products or excellent customer service. These days customers don’t lack for choices. In fact customers have so many options that making a choice about which product or service to choose can be overwhelming. So how do they choose? In my experience, what people really crave is a genuine, honest, trustworthy and authentic experience from the brand they choose. 

People are smart and the latest generation of consumers can spot a fake quicker than … ok I’m not great at metaphors or similes which ever one doesn’t use the world like, but they can spot fakes fast! When people don’t find a brand authentic or trustworthy they naturally start looking elsewhere until they find a brand they can trust. Let’s talk about three things that can help you develop brand authenticity with a brand photography.

Consistency, Speak Truth, and Be Real.

Consistency should be a no brainer. Showing up regularly in your community helps you establish trust. How does this relate to photography? Well if you’re using random stock images you find from this site or that site the look, feel and colors will be off. This confuses clients and they turn away to find something else. Showing up with images that have a consistent look and feel will help develop trust in the type of product or service you provide to your clients.

Speak truth. Say what you mean and mean what you say. If your language tell customers you’re a bright, fun and energetic brand yet your images are dark and sultry they won’t know which to believe and again will start looking else where for a brand who’s words and images complement each other. Trust me I know how hard this can be for creative entrepreneurs. I love trying new things all the time. But my clients choose me because they like the look and feel of the portraits I provide. If I don’t show and then deliver the same quality of images my trust factor falls and clients will fall away too. Find your look and feel and then be true to it.

Finally be real. Hands down personal true to life images are better than perfectly produced and polished pictures. Don’t misunderstand me, professional photos for your brand are essential. There is absolutely a place for cell phone shots but nothing beats the quality of professionally branded images. However, professionally branded doesn’t not mean perfectly polished fake images of who you think potential clients want to see. Potential clients want to see YOU! Yep the true, real you. Showing up on your website and social media accounts the same way you show up in person is crucial. People can spot a fake and will know right away when they meet you in person if what they saw online was true. You want your brand photos to accurately reflect your brand personality.

Brands that are true to life and personal are better than brands that perfectly produced. 

Do your brand photos need an update? Are you tired of using stock images? Let’s chat and see if a branding session is right for you.