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Finding Balance


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Balance is one of those elusive words. I think no matter what we do there will be times when work hogs our time and we feel like we are cheating our family or the reverse happens. So my goal is to find a few little life hacks to help me bring things back to balance. Here are five things I use when I need help finding balance.

Hack #1 – Focus –

I have started using the FOCUS app on my iPhone to help lessen the distractions that little rectangular device inflicts on my day. Let’s just say I do a lot of things outside my home, church, work, school and more. But my number one priority is the schooling of my daughter. We homeschool and if I don’t find a way to silence my phone what would normally take us 3 hours becomes 8 with all the stops and starts. Give it a try! You can still on purpose pick up your phone to check messages but it quiets all those little dings and pings that draw your attention away from your current task. 

Hack #2 – Fall in Love with Books Again –

I was never a big reader when I was younger. I hated reading for school. Now I love it. Books help me grow personally and professionally they are also a fantastic escape from reality sometimes. Taking the time to pick up an actual book and disconnect from the world each day provides my mind with a little respite from all the demands the outside world. I hear you … “But Stacie, I don’t have time to sit and read, there is too much to be done”. I get it but really? You can’t take 5-10 minutes to pause, sit still and do a little something for yourself. After all sometimes some is better than none. 

Hack #3 – Fight for White Space –

I have started blocking out days on my calendar in order to intentionally create white space. Days or times where NOTHING is planned. I have to fight to keep those spaces clear because my natural tendency is to see that empty spot and then say yes to any request that pops up. Instead I have made an appointment with myself and say no to pop up request in order to give my body and mind the space it needs to rest, recover and reboot for the other events and responsibilities on my calendar. We talk about how children need to be bored because that is when their creativity is sparked. My question is why just children? Why not create some space for yourself that allows your mind has a chance to open up to new creative possibilities. I dare you to try it!

Hack #4 – Find Time for Friends –

All work and no play is no good for our souls. Ok I know that’s not the original quote but it’s true! We have to find time to play with our friends. But what I want you to look for are the little moments. Times when you can combine a task you already need to do with some friend time. Here are a few for me. Shopping. I have to go to Costco every other week. A friend of mine does the same thing. So guess what we make the time to do this task together. We are still knocking out the work we have to get done but we get to catch up, laugh, maybe share a coffee as we shop. Wine time before dinner is one I love and I think can be super easy. One night a week plan a leftovers night and head to a friends house for a glass a wine. You’ll still be home for dinner but since it’s leftovers all you’re doing is warming up those dinner plates! The point is find time to play it doesn’t have to take up a lot of space on your calendar but it definitely helps you find balance.

Hack #5 – Feed Your Family –

As many nights as your schedule allows take the time to make dinner for your family. Gathering your crew to share a meal will give you the chance to catch up on everyone’s day. Meals don’t have to be fancy. I love doing what I call semi-homemade dinners. Using Rotisserie chicken or frozen precooked meats to get your meal started saves so much time and effort. No one said you had to start from scratch to create a great meal for your family! This one more than any other will help you feel like you’ve found a balance between work and family life. Taking the time to reconnect at the end of the day is golden.

Well alright there you go! What do you think? Got any others that help you balance your work / family life? I’d love to hear from you! Come visit me on Instagram.