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Senior Pictures Downtown Fredericksburg

Senior Portraits

Senior year! One of the best years of school. It’s a year of firsts, but mostly a year of lasts. One starts with their last, first day of school. At least the last one where parents will make you wake up early, get dressed nicely, comb your hair and stand on the front steps for that must have, first day of school picture. HA! It’s also the last year of childhood. I’m constantly torn between pushing my kids to “grow up” and telling them to just have fun while they can. After all, once these first 17-18 years go by it’s all adulting from there. So why not let them play while they can? When I got to hang out with Khenyen for his Senior Pictures in Downtown Fredericksburg I knew it wasn’t our last session. We still have cap & gown pics in the spring. But I still made sure we added some laughter and elements of fun as we talked about his plans for the future.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” ~ Thoreau

Khenyen’s session was bittersweet knowing this was one of the last years of his childhood. Even more so because he is the baby in the family. His two older siblings are off to college already and he will be following them next Fall. He already has multiple universities chasing him for baseball scholarships! I’m sure he has all the same jitters as any other senior preparing for graduation. However, he seemed to have a well thought out and solid plan for what his college and sports future will hold. I should probably get his autograph before he turns pro and forgets “Mama Hubbard”.

Khenyen I wish you the very best of luck at whatever comes next for you!! You are a gentle giant. And I don’t just say that because you tower more than a foot over me! Your heart is what is giant your capacity for kindness amazes me. I pray that no matter where life takes you that kindness to others will remain. I know you aren’t mine but watching you play ball the last few years and seeing you chase your dreams makes this baseball mom very proud! Good Luck and much love – Mama Hubbard