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Favorite Poses for Senior Girls

Senior Portraits

Senior Girl Portrait poses

After deciding what to wear posing is probably the next thing most seniors stress about during the sessions. Let me put your mind at ease right now. Repeat after me. I do not need professional modeling experience to have my senior portraits taken. I’m going to share four of my favorite poses for senior girls with you. Whether you’re the one in front of the camera or behind it I hope these tips will help you create a fabulous gallery of images for your next session.

The Basics. Alright let’s start with the basics. One of the easiest and most universal poses for any woman. Simply point those toes at a 45 degree angle from the camera. Place your hand on your hip so we can see space between your arm and waist. Pop that front knee! A little bend in your knee creates such a fabulous natural and relaxed look. From this position so many variations are possible. It’s the base for the lean and giggle which I’ll talk about later. Add a little twisting action to add a little movement to the pose when you or your client is feeling stiff. Also try changing up the arms. Maybe place both hands on your hips or cross one at the waist and twirl your hair with the other. Nailing this base pose allows for unlimited variations.

Fun & Flirty. If you or your client is willing to play a little these can be some of the most fun shots taken. Try adding a little bounce to your walk so your hair creates a super fun flirty look. Or try walking away from the camera then flip around with a sweet smile for another great fun and flirty pose. The Hair Zhuzh is another great fun and flirty option. The key to any of these poses is to have fun!! Almost everyone feel weird or uncomfortable in front of the camera. But if you can let loose, be yourself and have fun I promise these will be some of the images you’ll love the most.

Lean and Giggle. I talked about this one earlier. Go back to your base position and simply add a little lean towards the camera and a giggle. The trick with this one is the giggle will feel so silly you’ll actually giggle and most likely flash your very best real smile in the process. Again there are so many variations with this pose. Giggle at the camera, towards your shoulder or the ground. Then lean while sitting or standing. Learning to take a single pose and tweak it just a touch will allow you to create a gorgeous gallery of complimentary images.

Vogue. Finally, for those of you who don’t prefer to be all smiles and giggles why not try the Vogue. I no longer tell my client to be “serious”. Instead we talk about having a closed lip smile. This allows you or your clients cheeks to take a break from all the smiling. Believe it or not your cheeks will probably be twitching a bit by the end of your session. The Vogue is a great pose for variety, rest and clients who’s eyes tend to disappear when they smile. Giving them a few shots with their eyes wide open adds another great element to their final gallery.

So which pose was your favorite? Next time you’re in front of the camera or have a female client give one of these a try. Remember the best thing for any senior girl pose is to relax, be yourself and have a little fun. If you missed my post about Senior Guys you can check it out here!