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Our Baseball Family, Fredericksburg, VA

The evening was chilly. I sat wrapped up in a cozy blanket with sharpened pencils and scorebook in hand I watched my boys take the field. Noah climbed the pitcher’s mound. While Caleb headed to third. Dad was right where he wanted to be. In the dugout. Giving orders. We have spent many days like this over the last 11 years. The life of a baseball family is kind of crazy! First, there is never ending laundry. Have you ever tried getting red dirt out of white baseball pants? I need MLB’s secret.  Then shuttling your kids to practices and games can be exhausting. Gatorade refills, crockpot dinners and leftovers are the story of our life during baseball season. Every now and then you have an amazing game and it makes all craziness worth while.

This weekend we experienced one of those games. The boys were just on it! The infield was rockin’ and making awesome plays. The outfield never missed a cutoff. And the boys had those sticks going (baseball speak for getting hits). Then that awesome moment happened. The bases were loaded and Caleb stepped up to the plate. This kid loves the Yankees and has been known to emulate The Babe from time to time by calling his shot. It makes me laugh every time. This time he didn’t call his shot he just planted his feet in the batters box and waited for his pitch. Ball one! Not what he was hoping for. What player wants to be walked when the bases are loaded? Pitch two looked good so he took a swing. SMACK! The ball cracked off the end of the bat. Would it be enough to get past center field? It seemed as if the ball was moving in slow motion. Then it dropped. Outside of the fence!!!!! Grand Slam over Center field, Holy Crap!!!

 He planted his feet & waited for his pitch.

I wish I could have had a camera on my husband’s face.  I’m sure it was an epic moment for him as well. Caleb was grinning from ear to ear (and looked a few inches taller) as he ran the bases. Wow, what a moment and guess what!? I didn’t have my camera. But honestly, I probably would have missed it if I had! Without my camera I was fully present and able to watch this truly awesome moment for my kid and his team.

Caleb & Noah y’all know how much we love you. You know first hand how crazy our life is during baseball season. But I want you to know I wouldn’t change a thing. I have loved and will continue to enjoy every minute watching y’all play a sport you love. I’ll never forgot one special game watching my boys at pitch and catch for nearly the whole game. It was a mom’s dream come true! Play hard, be humble, give the glory to God and you can never go wrong. Love you guys!