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Capture the Seasons as They Change Learn to take cues from nature


Every year the seasons change. We watch the cold of Winter melt into Spring. Spring delights us for a time then transforms into Summer. As we enjoy the heat of Summer, soon we are anxious for the temps to cool off into fall. Then before we know it Winter rolls around once more. My Dad once said I wish it could just stay green like this all year round. My immediate reaction was “NO WAY”. As much as I love the green of Summer I wouldn’t give up seeing the blooms of Spring, the Autumn foliage of Fall or even the snow covered trees of Winter. One of my favorite things to do is capture the seasons as they change. The changes also allow me to appreciate each season more. What would I look forward to if things never changed? I think the same is to be said about life.

A photograph helps keep memories more vivid and alive.

Taking my cue from nature I have learned to appreciate each stage of my family’s life. As much as I would love for my children to stay little and cuddle sized forever. I truly look forward to each new season in their lives. Think about it. If they never grew and changed I wouldn’t get to see those first step, first teeth, first words, first days of school and so much more. So it has become extremely important to me that I document each stage. It helps me remember the moments more clearly. A photograph helps keep memories more vivid and alive. It helps us recall details we may have forgotten. It also allows us to better share those memories with the next generation.

Each day is new. Each stage is a treasure. I hope you take the time to captures the seasons of your life as they change. Happy Fall y’all! Get out there and start snapping 📸 !! For more great Fall pics check out the great memories this family captured!