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Happy Anniversary My Love Our Legacy of Love


I clearly remember saying to myself and others that I would not get married until I had a career of my own and the means to support myself. I would not depend on a man for such things. All was going well. I graduated high school. Then proceeded to fly halfway across the country to attend our nations oldest private military school. And was on track for obtaining a commission in the United States Army. But one day in the Fall of 1996 my plans began to morph into something new and unexpected. I can still remember the day. The crisp cool air of a Fall afternoon in Vermont. I was minding my own business walking back to my barracks when Bam! Chad Hubbard, just a friend, was walking my direction. I’m sure I had passed him a number of times. And I’m sure I was joyful and friendly each time. But this time was different! I decided I needed one of his awesome Hubbard hugs and that is where it began.

But one thing remains the same, our love for one another.

Today, 19 years, 7 moves, 4 kids, and one dog later we are still married and loving every minute of it! I will not say it has always been easy. We have endured, not by choice, multiple long term separations. Three of which were combat deployments. We have made wonderful friends and lost a few along the way. Suffered the loss of loved ones. But one thing remains the same, our love for one another. Actually that isn’t quite true. Our love is no where near the same today as it was 19 years ago. It is deeper, stronger and able to endure far more than either one of us could have imagined.

Chad, my love! I can’t quite believe it’s been 19 years since we said I do! Our life together has been wonderful. Good or bad it seems to be one adventure after another and I wouldn’t trade it for a thing! Happy Anniversary My Love! Looking forward to many more years of love and adventure to come!