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Fall Wedding in Virginia


Hi, friends, I am so excited to share this Fall wedding in Virginia with you today! This Fall has been a busy one for me! In a this wedding is sort of the grand finale for my Fall shooting season! I get asked a lot if I photograph weddings and my answer is always, YES! I have a passion for the importance of marriage and a wedding is where a couple’s married journey begins. To have the honor of not only being present but capturing the moments that will be remembered long after they have passed is a dream. Being invited into one of the most important days of a couple’s life is a wonderful gift. 

Here’s a story of a lovely lady…

Who remembers the Brady Bunch? Is my audience too young for that show? Here are the basics in case you don’t know. There was a lovely lady with 3 girls and a handsome fellow with 3 boys. The Lady met the Fellow and their separate families became one! Brady Bunch Party of 8. This is how the pastor began Amy & Ryan’s ceremony. It didn’t take long for everyone to catch on. The only difference is Amy has the handsome boys and the beautiful girls belong to Ryan. After they spoke vows to each other, both Amy and Ryan made vows to all their children. Promises to never try and replace their mother or father but to simply increase the the amount of adults in their children’s lives that will love them dearly. It was a wonderful site to see. 

Throughout the entire day one could clearly see the love that Amy & Ryan had for each other. But if you paid close attention you would also notice there wasn’t a moment they didn’t involve their children in that love. At one point when they were slow dancing the girls decided they wanted in on the action and without a moments hesitation Amy & Ryan opened their arms and let the three girls in. It was beautiful. The night was also filled with tons of laughs and fun times. The dance floor had strict rules that it would remain full as long as the music played and the guest didn’t disappoint. 

Amy & Ryan, Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your special day! I knew from the first few moments during your engagement session this wedding party would be a fun one to remember! You have a beautiful love for each other and a beautiful family to match! I pray that #KahlePartyof8 enjoys many many more years of love and fun together!! Congrats and much love to you all!! 

the creative team

 • venue: Bowling Green Event Hall • dj: DJ Max Powers    • hair: Meghan at Bobby Pins & Blush • Caterer: Old Blue BBQ