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Friday in Fredericksburg at Don Moncho It's not my hometown TexMex but this place is great!

Fridays in Fredericksburg

I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where Coke really means Dr. Pepper and TexMex is it’s own food group! I clearly remember the first time I went out to eat when I was in Vermont for college. I asked for a sweet tea and the waitress gave me a blank stare. Finding TexMex outside of Texas is rather difficult as well. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had some good Mexican food in other states but there is just something a little different back home. Well, after a few years in Virginia and zero attempts at finding some good Mexican food I figured I should start downtown and see what I could find. So here we go it’s time for Friday in Fredericksburg at Don Moncho!

We decided to visit Don Moncho’s at lunch time, early just as they were opening. The place was quiet but well staffed and we were greeted by a friendly hostess and seated immediately! The view was wonderful! I didn’t even realize exactly where the restaurant was situated until we sat at a table overlooking the Rappahannock river with a view of Chatham Manor in the background. Perfect!

Lunch was great! I was very impressed the service and everything tasted wonderful! Virginia will never replace my beloved Texas but Don Moncho’s has found a friend in me while we live here! I can’t wait for my next visit! They have so many things happening it will take me more than a few visits to experience all they have to offer. Maybe I’ll even be brave enough to shake my hips on Latin nights when they have music and dancing from 9:30-1:30am! Maybe! LOL 😉