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I was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas where Coke really means Dr. Pepper and TexMex is it’s own food group! I clearly remember the first time I went out to eat when I was in Vermont for college. I asked for a sweet tea and the waitress gave me a blank stare. Finding […]

In the Hubbard House Friday night is Pizza night! Seriously almost every Friday we are most likely eating pizza of some sort. With a family of seven, three of which are growing teenage boys most of the time it’s frozen pizza. Can you imagine the cost of delivery every Friday for a brood that eats […]

Benny Vitali's Downtown Fredericksburg, VA

Springtime has finally arrived in Fredericksburg. Much later than I had hoped. But now that I can finally stroll the streets of Fredericksburg, I love admiring the beautiful spring blooms! I don’t know the names of every flowering tree or bush that I saw but they were all stunning in the early morning light. I […]

Downtown Fredericksburg Virginia

It’s Friday in Fredericksburg but this week we are visiting Hawaii!! So first let me say, Aloha Friday!!! As a military spouse we have had the pleasure of living in many different places and Hawaii was one of them! We were blessed to be stationed on Oahu, not once but twice! Both times were filled […]

Hey y’all! It’s time to get dirty, wash & repeat! We are visiting Sugar + Spruce for this Fridays in Fredericksburg. Some of you may remember this wonderful shop as Ladyburg. I discovered Ladyburg the first time I explored Fredericksburg. What woman wouldn’t gravitate towards the luscious scent of bath bombs? But as we roll […]

Sugar + Spruce, Downtown Fredericksburg

Hey Y’all! This week I fell in love with the best little bookstore in Fredericksburg! Almost every time I visit downtown I walk up and down Caroline street. I love peeking into each little store as I walk by. Knowing I could get lost in a bookstore for hours, I’ve avoid stepping inside when with […]

Riverby Books, Fredericksburg, Virginia

When you think of coffee shops the first that usually pops into the average person head is Starbucks. I love my Starbucks, don’t get me wrong. But recently I have been on a mission to  shop local. I wanted to find the unique things that make up the amazing little town of Fredericksburg. So I […]

Time for Fridays in Fredericksburg! Let’s visit Chatham Manor! This amazing estate, built in 1771, overlooks the Rappahannock River and beautiful Downtown Fredericksburg. Originally, Chatham was born as a 1,280-acre plantation which included an orchard, mill, and race track for raising and racing horses. Surrounding the stunning, main house were dozens of supporting structures. Slave quarters. A […]

Chatham Manor, Fredericksburg Virginia

I’ve been struggling to develop interesting blog content for the winter months. When it’s below freezing no one really wants to take outdoor, natural light portraits. I can’t really blame them! As much as I love taking pictures I know, just like my clients, my fingers would rather stay inside and avoid frostbite.  What else […]

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