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Fridays in Fredericksburg – Springtime A Morning Walk with Springtime Blooms

Fridays in Fredericksburg

Springtime has finally arrived in Fredericksburg. Much later than I had hoped. But now that I can finally stroll the streets of Fredericksburg, I love admiring the beautiful spring blooms! I don’t know the names of every flowering tree or bush that I saw but they were all stunning in the early morning light. I especially loved finding this perfect little pink Dogwood tree right next to the sidewalk. Colorful tulips and white picket fences guided my walk through old town. Crabapple trees shaded the streets with their fluffy pink blooms. The air was cool and crisp a perfect setting. So, come join me as I stroll the streets for Fridays in Fredericksburg in Springtime!

Now don’t forget about Saturdays in Fredericksburg! The Farmers Market has just recently opened for the season and opening day was wonderful! Make sure you stop by and say hello to Jessica at Cocoa Muerto. She’s a new addition to the market this year and has some of the best homemade toffee!! So yummy!!! Oh! And you know what goes great with toffee?? Coffee!! Make sure you visit Ricks Rosters as well. You know I love my vanilla cappuccinos and I am never one to drink coffee black. BUT! A taste test of Ricks Four Horsemen blend before adding cream and sugar had me walking away with the best cup of black coffee I’ve ever tasted. The whole day was amazing! So Fredericksburg people I hope this inspires you to get outside. Take a walk. And enjoy Fredericksburg in Springtime!

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