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Fridays in Fredericksburg – Benny Vitali’s Pizza Home of the Virginia Slice

Fridays in Fredericksburg

In the Hubbard House Friday night is Pizza night! Seriously almost every Friday we are most likely eating pizza of some sort. With a family of seven, three of which are growing teenage boys most of the time it’s frozen pizza. Can you imagine the cost of delivery every Friday for a brood that eats at least four pizzas?? But every so often we like to try a new place. Mama’s Pizza is usually a winner because of their buy one get one free! We aren’t above buying some hot and ready’s from LC. I’m hoping  my kids will look back and have great memories of Pizza Friday’s! So I thought it was only fitting that for this week’s Fridays in Fredericksburg we visit Benny Vitali’s Pizza.

~ Some fun facts about Benny’s ~

“Benny” was born in the old country, raised in Brooklyn, and worked under two decades of Italian chefs. After leaving the city he landed in a small town in Virginia and began making his pizzas for neighbors out of a brick oven he built off his back porch. (Off His Back Porch! Awesome!) And the rest they say is history! It’s been three decades since then and he continues to serve his every growing community with his signature 28” pies. The coolest thing is no two Benny’s are alike! Each “Benny’s” represents a little piece of who he is and each is given a unique name! So if you are in Charlottesville don’t pass up the chance to stop by Benny Deluca’s! Make sure you pop in and see a new side of the guy who has inspired so many years of great pizza pies! There are 17 different places to try!!!

Now fair warning… That 28″ pie barely fits through their doorway and we had to turn it sideways to fit through ours! It may take up the whole trunk of your car. No trunk? Good luck getting it into your car! But It makes for some great fun! The fun continues when it’s time to eat! I asked my kid if he wanted to use a fork and he gave me a strange look! FORK?? So then the debate became do you fold it or eat it flat? What do you do with a huge slice of delicious pizza? Flat? or Folded?

What’s your favorite Benny’s Pizza??

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