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Golden Hour Fall Session

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Kerns Twins Fall Portrait Session

It’s picture day! You’ve picked out the perfect outfit. Everything is lined up. Shirt. Pants. Cute layering sweater. And boots! This is your fall portrait session so boots are a must! Sounds perfectly simple, doesn’t it? But let’s imagine this perfect outfit was for your 4 year old daughter. Still sounds amazing right? Now multiply all of the above by two! Imagine two girls, two outfits, and two beautiful heads of hair that needed to be styled just right. Wow! I’m a little tired just thinking about it.

As we drove to the lakeside for our portrait session I explained to the girls that we were going to be light chasers this afternoon. As the sun set we would have to run around and find the best light to take their pictures in! I think they liked the sound of that. When we arrived all talk of pictures was instantly forgotten. The lake was calling them! “Can we look for fish”? Like the pro Mom she is, Dawn quickly stated first we have to take our pictures then we can look for fish! It’s amazing what a little motivation can do when a child wants something. It didn’t take much for these girls, they are pros after all. They have been in front of much bigger cameras than mine.

Adeline & Ansley I had the most fun with you taking pictures again! I loved chasing the light and you, as we wandered down the dirt road. I always love hearing the stories and interesting facts you have recently learned. But most of all I loved searching for fish along the shore and seeing the excitement in your faces when we finally found a few green swimmers. Both of you are beautiful, brave, silly, and very smart. You have a special sister bond and I’m so happy to know you.