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Virginia Fall Family Session

Family Sessions

One of the best things about being a military spouse are the people you meet. Especially when you discover you have a previous duty station in common. There is this sort of instant connection. You list the people you know and the places you loved trying to determine if maybe your paths had crossed before. It’s really crazy when you check something like Facebook and you have multiple friends in common. Surely y’all should be friends with so many mutual friends! Well, Stephanie & I share Hawaii as a previous duty station. Best duty station ever! But Hawaii does lack the changing of seasons. So this year is very special for this family! The weather had finally turned. And so had the leaves. This would be the first East Coast Fall for Stephanie & Tim’s girls! Everything was perfect for their Virginia Fall family session.

“…what captivated me most was their obvious love for one another.”

Even more exciting than their first East Coast Fall, is owning their first home. Moving every three years isn’t exactly the best circumstances for buying a home. So deciding to do a family portrait session at home was an excellent idea! When I arrived I was given the grand tour and fell in love at once not only with their home but with this family! Stephanie & Tim were so warm and welcoming and their girls are amazing!! I loved spending time with them. They showed me their amazing rooms, I seriously could use their help decorating my own. But beyond all the surface beauty of this family and their home what captivated me most was their obvious love for one another. The smiles were not forced. Their laughter was genuine. We really did have the most fun! I only stayed for an hour but I could have stayed all day, enjoying the company of this wonderful family.

Stephanie & Tim, thank you so much for inviting me into your home and allowing me to capture such a special time with your family. I truly loved spending time with you and your girls! They are so lovely, fun, a little bit wild and absolutely perfect! I love that y’all seem to truly embrace where ever the military sends you. I hope you continue to enjoy all Virginia has to offer and take full advantage of each season and the joys that come along with it.