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It can be hard enough planning family pictures when your kids still live at home. But once they have flown the nest, gathering them all together for pictures can be even more difficult. Family reunion portrait sessions are some of my best sessions. Mostly because everyone is super excited to see one another so the […]

Family of six seated in front of Rustic Barn

Do you remember what it’s like having multiple kids under the age of five? I do! Our family was surprised to found out twins would be joining us one month before our oldest turned two. So we had three boys 23 months apart. The next three years were blur! There were times when my patience […]

When you hear the word “Vintage” what comes to mind? I think it might be different for everyone based on their age. For me the word vintage brings images of World War II soldiers and pin-up girls to mind. That era, though I’m sure it was an extremely stressful and difficult time in our world, […]

Do you ever wonder why your family photographer wants to schedule your portrait session during dinner? Or a few hours before bedtime?! The answer is – Golden Hour. I know, I know I can see you slump your shoulders and roll your eyes, big deal golden hour. What does that even mean? That term may […]

The O’Lone Family If you’ve been following me you may have noticed one particular barn in a number of my photos. I’m not quite sure why I’m obsessed with this barn. There is just something wondrous about it. It was built at the end of the Civil War. After overlooking the rolling fields of the […]

Family Portrait Session Chancellorsville, VA - Stacie Hubbard Photography

The military life is never a dull life. Moving constantly. Meeting new people. Exploring new locations. These are just a few of the exciting things we get to experience. Each duty station holds it’s own special memories and connections. Adam and Morgan first met here in Virginia to begin their military life together. After several […]

One of the best things about being a military spouse are the people you meet. Especially when you discover you have a previous duty station in common. There is this sort of instant connection. You list the people you know and the places you loved trying to determine if maybe your paths had crossed before. […]

Fryer Family, Government Island, VA It’s October in Virginia but you wouldn’t know it by the warm weather we’ve been having. I think everyone is ready to pull out sweaters and boots but the weather is saying, not just yet. Starbucks has already been serving their pumpkin spice lattes for weeks! The leaves were doing […]

Lester and Angie are one of the most amazing couples I’ve ever met. Their home and their hearts are always open, welcoming and overflowing with love. What more could you really expect from two Texas transplants. It seems that no matter where Texans go they carry that big Texas hospitality with them. When you meet […]

The weather was amazing. Summer hadn’t quite arrived, the sky was clear and the perfect cool breeze drifted across the area we decided to meet for portraits. Carrie said she wanted lots of pretty green for her family portraits. When I pulled into this location it couldn’t have been more perfect! I couldn’t wait until […]

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