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Lester and Angie are one of the most amazing couples I’ve ever met. Their home and their hearts are always open, welcoming and overflowing with love. What more could you really expect from two Texas transplants. It seems that no matter where Texans go they carry that big Texas hospitality with them. When you meet this couple you immediately know you want them as friends. They have a special spark about them that seems to ignite joy in others. The way they show God’s love to others and laugh from the depths of their souls draws you in.

When they told me they had 10 grandchildren with one on the way I’m pretty sure my eyes bulged out like one of those crazy cartoon characters and my chin may have actually hit the floor. Ten with one on the way!!! I wasn’t really in shock, but more envious, as I have dreamed of having a house full of grandkids at Christmas time with stockings hung along a mantle. When I say mantle, I mean the size of the ones you find at Bass Pro Shops. Lester & Angie were living proof my dream may be possible.

When they asked if I could do a family session for their entire family I knew the day would be amazing; and it definitely was one of the best experiences capturing a family’s love I’ve ever had. What could be more amazing than four generations all gathered together in one home? The grandkids were everywhere, doing everything, all at once! Water balloons where flying, crafty girls were crafting, boys were eating more ribs (real Texas BBQ) than they should, and parents were enjoying the joy and laughter that filled the air. The day was perfect!