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The weather was amazing. Summer hadn’t quite arrived, the sky was clear and the perfect cool breeze drifted across the area we decided to meet for portraits. Carrie said she wanted lots of pretty green for her family portraits. When I pulled into this location it couldn’t have been more perfect! I couldn’t wait until she arrived with her family. I had met Carrie twice before we connected to take pictures, our mutual friend had introduced us while were shopping for the only leggings I know that are compared to butter, LuLaRoe you guess it. We met again during one of those super fun DIY sign painting classes.  You know the ones where you get to feel like Joanna Gaines for about an hour, as you paint wood and create a master piece to decorate your home. As we enjoyed the evening and channeled JoJo, Carrie mentioned that it had been way too long since their last family portrait. So it wasn’t long before we were planning her family portrait session. She knew exactly what she wanted. A fabulous updated portrait of her family with LOTS of pretty Virginia, spring green in the background.

I really admire Carrie, she is one busy woman, professional, volunteer, wife and mom! I can see the joy and love she brings to each area of her life. I could really see it in her family as we captured some wonderful portraits. Carrie and Shaun were the sweetest couple, they were so warm and friendly from the start. However, you could quickly see that the fun and silliness this family shares starts with them. The jokes told and the laughter we shared made our time together more fun than I could imagine. Here are a few of my favorites from our time together!