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Fredericksburg Family Portraits The Blanton Family - Downtown Fredericksburg

Family Sessions

The military life is never a dull life. Moving constantly. Meeting new people. Exploring new locations. These are just a few of the exciting things we get to experience. Each duty station holds it’s own special memories and connections. Adam and Morgan first met here in Virginia to begin their military life together. After several years and multiple moves they have returned to where it all began, Quantico, Virginia. However, their family has increased by two since the last time they lived here. With the addition of their sweet little ones and a new place to call home it was time for some Fredericksburg family portraits.

Our portrait session would be the first time I’d get to interact with the whole family at once! Emerson was an absolute doll! She informed me from the start that she loved to pose for pictures. I asked if she like taking them and she said, “No I just like posing for them” Ha! Loved her honesty! Jameson was a little shy and totally Dad’s little man. We quickly discovered the best way to get a smile out of him was to ask where his family members were. He would look right at the camera with the most adorable smile and look of pride as he pointed out each family member. He really was the cutest thing!

“I love taking the time to capture Mom and Dad as Husband and Wife”

Adam & Morgan, I’m so glad to call y’all friends. I love the way y’all make each other laugh. Y’all are just amazing and I’m so glad we took the time to capture just the two of you. Too many time when we become parents we lose not only ourselves but our marriages in raising children. Which is why I love taking the time to capture Mom and Dad as Husband and Wife. I had the best time with your family and wish you many more years of love and fun in the Blanton House!