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Family Reunion Portrait Session

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It can be hard enough planning family pictures when your kids still live at home. But once they have flown the nest, gathering them all together for pictures can be even more difficult. Family reunion portrait sessions are some of my best sessions. Mostly because everyone is super excited to see one another so the smiles come very easily.

Every Summer has a story … this is just part of theirs.

July usually isn’t the prime time in Virginia for portrait sessions. But when your husband is home from training, your son is in town on vacation, and it’s been nine years since you’ve taken family pictures, you make it happen! The DeLeon Family was so wonderful to spend time with on a hot July day. I was drenched by the end of our session but these lovely ladies and handsome men made taking pictures in extreme heat look easy. Even little Shane was a champ! He really did steal the show and each smile we got from him was like hitting the jackpot.

Toni & Art, I had such a wonderful time meeting you and your family! Even though it was super hot I felt like we all had a wonderful time capturing some great images of your family at the Barn. And even though you’ve been married 28 years I loved seeing and capturing those moments where our love sparked! Gaby you are an amazing woman. It sounds like you are ready to concur the world or at least your portion of it. And it really was super fun trying to pry that precious smile out of Shane! AJ it was great talking with you and I wish you the very best of luck during your career!! Oceanna you really should consider modeling 😉 Your smile lights up your entire being it was really fun meeting you!