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Family Portraits at The Historic Barn of Chancellorsville The O'Lone Family - Chancellorsville, Virginia

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The O’Lone Family

If you’ve been following me you may have noticed one particular barn in a number of my photos. I’m not quite sure why I’m obsessed with this barn. There is just something wondrous about it. It was built at the end of the Civil War. After overlooking the rolling fields of the Battle of Chancellorsville for more than 100 years it was nearly torn down for yet another cookie cutter neighborhood. Thankfully for me and others the Civil War Trust adopted this barn and surrounding battlefields. Not only did they save a little piece of history but it makes for a great portrait location! So when Kathy & Liam chose to have their family portraits at the historic barn of Chancellorsville, I was beyond excited!

The sun was warm and the skies were full of cotton candy clouds.

January in Virginia is not usually an ideal time to take family portraits. Luckily for us, January decided to give us a little preview of spring this weekend. The sun was warm and the skies were full of cotton candy clouds. When Kathy and Liam got out of the car I knew at once their portraits would look wonderful. The colors they had chosen not only looked amazing on them but would look fabulous with the barn. Then they pulled their little girl, Bridget, from the car. Oh My Gosh!! SO CUTE! She was wearing the perfect shade of little girl pink! Kathy and Liam had such a calm and peaceful nature about them and it shown through Bridget. I absolutely loved my time with their family! I could have taken pictures of Bridget all evening! But sadly that perfect golden hour only last so long!

Kathy & Liam, thanks for choosing me to be your family photographer. I had the best time with y’all! Your love for one another is clearly seen in the way you both light up around each other. I loved hearing about how you met at Hyperion in Fredericksburg all those years ago.  Bridget is an absolute doll! Even though she may keep y’all up at nights she is quite the little treasure. Her sweet personality was a joy to capture through my lens! I will be cheering y’all on and wishing you the best of luck where ever the Marine Corps sends you!