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Once a Marine, Always a Marine Semper Fi, O'neal Family


Recently I had the opportunity to capture the fun times had at the O’neal retirement party. But things weren’t quite official until this month! The day finally came when Shaun traded his uniform in for a suit. Before that happened we made sure he put those pretty Dress Blues on one last time! Though he may not wear the uniform anymore he will always be a United States Marine. After all, “Once a Marine, Always a Marine” isn’t just a saying.

Once a Marine, Always a Marine

I wasn’t expecting my emotions to be in a whirlwind as I prepared for this retirement session. But when I arrived at the Semper Fidelis Chapel outside Quantico, my mind began imagining what it will be like the day my husband wears his uniform for the last time. The Marine Corps life is not an easy one. However, it can be extremely rewarding. The challenges provide opportunities not only for the Marine to grow but the spouses and family as well. Imagine moving about every three years, new home, new communities, new schools, new jobs, new friends. But your family even if it grows will be the constant. This family unit is what you learn to depend on and cling to tightly. Your Marine Corps family is the same. Even though these neighbors, on this base, may be new you have so many things in common you are quickly welcomed with open arms. Then you can quickly transplant those roots you brought with you from your last duty station.

Shaun & Carrie, you don’t have to stop moving but if you do I pray that your forever home is warm, welcoming and continues to be filled with love. You have both accomplished something amazing. Shaun, 22 years of service is no small accomplishment I pray that you carry noting but great memories with you. Carrie, Once a Marine Spouse, Always a Marine Spouse. I hope you continue to share your heart and do amazing things for military spouses. I also pray that Lord continues to guide you and bless your family beyond what you can imagine. Congratulations and Semper Fi!