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Daddy – Daughter Dance Our Princess' First Ball


This past weekend was the Father Daughter Dance, at our little girl’s school. This would be the first time she has attended a Daddy Daughter Dance. There have been many opportunities before, at churches or on military bases, but they never seems to line up with our schedules. Or we learned about them after it was too late to sign up. So we were very excited when this years opportunity lined up perfectly! I don’t really remember Daddy Daughter dances being a thing when I was little. But I do remember playing dress up with my mom’s pretty things. Necklaces, earrings that I normally wouldn’t get to wear and Make Up! I really felt like a princess! I wanted my daughter to feel the same way so we went all out for her very first Daddy Daughter Dance!

We didn’t really plan the day it just sort of happened. The dance wasn’t until 6:00pm. So I sent my daughter to take her bath around 2 o’clock. We move slowly in the Hubbard House. When she came back downstairs I noticed the leftover little girl nail polish on her fingers. You know, the kind that peels the minute you put it on. So we decided her nails must be done! We did the works, one mani & pedi come right up! Then it was time for the hair! Now if you have paid attention to any of my pictures you will have noticed I have very, naturally, curly hair! When my daughter came along with these gorgeous long locks I had no idea what to do with it. I didn’t even know what kind of brush to buy! Now I had put it up for a dance!??

YouTube it is!

Thank goodness for YouTube!

After finding what seemed to be a very easy tutorial I got to work. An hour later and four different attempts at different styles we finally found one I was semi capable to pulling off! Thankfully she LOVED it! Now for the dress! Add a few little sparkly things and she was all set for the ball!

Enter her knight in shiny armor. Aka, My Marine in Dress Blues. He thought of the perfect finishing touch! Her very first corsage! The look on her face when he presented it to her was priceless! I loved that I was able to be there an capture that moment for her! We left for the dance early because you know this mama had to do a mini photo session to capture this important first! Looking back I hope this was one of those moments she will remember clearly and fondly. I was told the two of them burned up the dance floor after they enjoyed a light dinner and some yummy treats. They were both all smiles when I picked them up. What a night to remember for all of us!

Oh my heart!