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Weathering the Storms Enjoying Every Age & Stage of Life


Last week, in Virginia, we all complained about the non-stop rain. All winter I groaned about the cold. Once the summer heat and humidity arrive I’m sure I’ll be wishing for Fall. Have you noticed how we are never quite happy with the weather. Always wanting something different? What if for once we embraced the weather no matter what it was and simply enjoyed it!? Even while we are weathering the storms of life, I challenge you to embrace it. Sometimes the most beautiful things come from the storms we have weathered.

Have you noticed that life is like the weather?

Always changing!

Every age and stage is different. That is the way life is suppose to be. So why are we always complaining about the stage or age we are in? Why don’t we try and embrace each one for what it is and what it offers instead of wishing for a different one. How unsatisfying would our life be if we never left our school aged years. Forever under the the rules of our parents home and teachers instruction. Never being allowed to grow and use the skills we acquired to live our own lives. Or what if we were stuck in our 20’s. Sure we may look fabulous and feel as if we could conquer the world. But I clearly remember having to prove myself over and over again. Trying to convince those who were older, I was a smart capable adult who could handle the responsibilities of life, family, and work.

Parents this applies to your lives as well. The stage of raising children no matter your age is a temporary stage. You will only have your little ones for a little while and then they too must be allowed to leave your home and use the knowledge and skills you taught them to begin their new stages of life. So Moms, if you are in the stage of staying at home with preschoolers or/and newborns enjoy every minute. Take the time to watch your children with joy and wonder as they discover the world around them. Play with them, make them laugh. Enjoy the moments, even when they make a mess and dump an entire jug of orange juice on the floor, then proceed to have fun splashing in it for 10 minutes before you find them (true story). Pay attention to the joy on their face and laugh a little before you jump in to scream and scold them. I snapped a picture! haha!

Every age and stage is different. That is the way life is suppose to be.

The same applies to your business. Every business or career has stages. My business is still a newborn. It requires a lot of nurturing and effort to grow. Maybe your business is further along, it’s growing so fast you can’t keep up with it. Sort of like our little ones when they start walking.

…wait, running…

…wait, how on earth did she get up the stairs without me seeing her!

My advice would be to just hang on tight and enjoy the ride! Love every minute of it and don’t let it just flash by. Because soon it will settle into a manageable routine and I guarantee you will miss a little bit of that crazy.

My point is this! Enjoy every age and stage. Each is temporary and beautiful in it’s own way. If you’re going through a storm, keep your head high, it won’t last forever. Plus, you don’t want to miss the beauty God wants to show you as the storm passes by. If everything is as perfect as a spring day, then soak it all in. Heres hoping this brought you a little encouragement no matter what age or stage you find yourself in today! Wishing you a great day!!!