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Sunset Engagement Session

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Fall is almost here!! What better time for a Sunset Engagement Session. The days are still long but the evenings are cooling down. It’s perfect weather for family fun and gorgeous pictures. Amy & Ryan chose one of my favorite locations for their engagement session, The Barn at Chancellorsville! They also decided that if his family and her family were going to become their family then why not bring the kids along! Three are his and three are hers. All together they make eight!

Our cool evening hadn’t quite arrived. It was a touch warmer than expected but still nothing compared to the hot days of summer. Amy was wearing the most gorgeous shade of yellow and the rest of family looked amazing in all their shades of blue. As we walked to our first spot the laughs were already rolling. The boys antics had the girls giggling and kept everyone on waiting to see what would happen next. I knew getting real smiles tonight would not be a difficult task. I’ve known Amy and her boys for a little while now. Our boys play baseball together. So knowing how these boys operate, I knew this session was going to be fun. Love and laughter filled the air.

Amy & Ryan, I had the best time at your sunset engagement session. I’m so glad you chose me to be apart of this wonderful moment in your life. I had a wonderful time with the two of you and your whole crew of beautiful children. Y’all really will have your hands full with that bunch! The boys are charming and witty and the girls are simply a dream. I really enjoyed spending time with all of them. I’m sure you are more excited than I, but I can’t wait until your wedding day!