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A Day with Daisy


I love collaborating with other creatives! In my experience with this photography business I have discovered everyone is out to get noticed and gain followers, which hopefully will lead to clients. We are all trying to find our niche and make the world more beautiful with the photographs we capture. But what if we made the world more beautiful with the relationships we cultivated. I’m thankful for groups like The Rising Tide Society and the local Fredericksburg chapter that have given me the opportunity not only to meet with, but learn, teach and work along side other creatives. If you are an entrepreneur and you are living and working in your own little bubble I invite you to step out of your box and connect with other creatives, who knows something truly amazing may happen when multiple creative minds connect!Who doesn’t love a vintage caravan?? I would love to own one of those little gems. Bring it back to life and travel the country seeing the places that too often get passed by in a blink of an eye. Well Debbie Nance of Nance’s Rustic Rentals & Events found one of these cute caravans and restored it for another purpose! It’s a party caravan now!! How awesome would it be to have this cool vintage caravan, now known as Daisy, at your next event? I can be stocked with your favorite drinks and even has the ability to tap a keg! But I think my favorite was her cotton candy cocktails!!! Debbie really made the whole atmosphere feel comfortable and relaxing like home. To know you could have an amazing set up and trust that all would run smoothly really can add to the success of any event. We asked Ashleigh of Classie Sassie Mixerz to join us and serve the drinks! Her sweet spirit and friendly nature made the day that much more enjoyable. Then there were all the amazing daisies from Randy’s Flowers By Endless Creations, they really added extra beauty to the day! We also teamed with Chantilly Cross of Elegant Cuisine & Diana Mcilwee of Just Good Scents Soap Company who provided the beautiful treats and finishing touches! After seeing all the fantastic work and attention to detail these creatives give to their craft who wouldn’t want to throw a party!!!