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Little Miss Ladybug Cake Smash

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Imani’s 1st Birthday, Quantico, VA

Recently I had the honor of attending Imani Grace’s ladybug cake smash session. The decorations were perfect, her outfit was perfectly coordinated. Ladybug onesie, and the most fluffy red and black polka dotted tutu and wait until you see the shoes!!! So cute! DiShante and Ronald were glowing as they watched their sweet girl light up with excitement when she saw the beautiful decorations. Really what kid doesn’t love balloons! Red, black and sliver ballon littered the floor and they were all hers for the taking. The cake hadn’t even been presented yet but this sweet girl was having way too much fun chasing balloons around the room.

When it came time to present her with the cake things slowed down, but only for a moment. Once she inspected the cake and determined it was ok for her to tear into, she went to town! A little nibble here, as she tested the icing. Another nibble as she tried the ladybugs antennas. I don’t think those were her favorite parts. A few more nibbles and she made it to the cake. YUM! We all laughed so hard at the faces she made and the way she threw the parts she didn’t like across the floor. By the end of our time together she even ended up dancing in the cake as we all sang “Baby Shark Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo”!

DiShante & Ronald, thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer. Cake smash sessions are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do! To have the honor and privilege to capture Imani Grace and her family celebrating the first year of her life is a big deal! There was so much love, laughter and fun to share. Lucky me had the opportunity to observe your family in your time of joy. Your sweet little family is so full of fun and love. I hope your years with Imani are always full of love and wonder. Continue to cherish each age and stage with her! Happy Birthday Sweet Imani Grace! I hope every birthday if filled with as much joy as the first!