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A Love Like Theirs


Tracie & Izzy, Springfield, VA

I met Israel and Tracie when we were stationed at Twenty-nine Palms, California. It sounds like a fabulous locations doesn’t it?  Twenty-nine Palms, palm trees, sand, no surf…Wait No Surf!? Yep that’s right no surf, but there is plenty of sand. See Twenty-nine Palms is located in Southern California in the middle of the Mojave Desert. It’s where the Marine Corps loves to do a lot of their training. This is where we first met this amazing couple. Izzy was was actually trading positions with my husband, Chad, when they arrived. Then as fate would have it, a year later he came over and joined the same unit as my husband. The unit was TTECG that is an acronym for a really long unit name that I still don’t always get right, but easier to remember is the name we called the guys attached to this unit, Coyotes! Now that you know where 29 Palms is located I’m sure I don’t have to really explain why they were called Coyotes.

Well, when Israel joined the Coyotes and began working with Chad the bond was formed. See our husbands spent most of their time in the desert, training units who were preparing to deploy. Tracie and I laugh that our husbands probably shared more sunrises and sunsets together than we did with them, and those desert sunsets were beautiful!

So then what were the spouses suppose to do while the Marines played in the sand all day? Well, Tracie is an elementary school teacher, and an amazing one at that! I never saw Tracie in the classroom but you can feel the passion, commitment and love she has for her students when she speaks about her classroom. She is not simply invested in education for her own career or a simple paycheck.She is invested in raising the next generation of kids to be better than they even think they could be! Parents and children alike should count themselves lucky to have Mrs. Ginez as their teacher.

Tracie and Izzy are two of the most generous people we know. Their home is always open, inviting and full of laughter and love. An evening at the Ginez home will never disappoint. Love you guys!