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Friday Night Downtown

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I remember playing multiple sports in school. But I only played them one at a time and we had decent breaks between seasons. These guys manage to play multiple sports regularly along with all the other typical teenage to do’s. The only word I have for these guys is Impressive! Normally their Friday nights would be spent on the football field under the lights. Crowds yelling, cheerleaders cheering, and helmets crashing as each team fights for glory. But this week they spent Friday night downtown in Fredericskburg, VA.

I met Tracy, Brain and their boys, Trevin and Brycen, last spring when our boys were on the same baseball team. I quickly realized that not only were these boys awesome but both their parents are rockstars as well. Tracy not only transports them to practices, attends games and is usually an awesome team mom but she is also a great momtog (mom photographer) as well!  She also works full time and has a laundry list of other volunteer areas she dedicates her time to. In addition to Brian’s typical husband and father roles he also finds time to coach his boys in multiple sports. This family knows what it takes to be successful in multiple aspects of life!

Brycen & Trevin, y’all are awesome! Thanks for hanging out downtown and being amazing while we took pictures. I’m still positive y’all have a secret model gig on the side because you really nailed your portrait session. Thanks again Tracy, loved spending time with you and your family! Hopefully we will see you on the field in the spring.