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Seeing Double

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I’m a mother of twins. However, my boys are fraternal and I can clearly tell them apart. One has brown hair and brown eyes the other has light brown hair and crazy, wolf like, blue/green eyes. They can’t play kid swap games with me or their teachers, thank goodness. I do remember what it was like trying to give all my attention to two infants at once. Well, I think I remember… their early years were definitely a blur. Thankfully, the twins were our second and third children so we had already gotten all our first time parent jitters out of our system.

Well, I’d like you to meet Adeline & Ansley! Don’t ask me which one is which. I can tell you in these images but when I see those sweet things in person it takes me a good while before I can tell them apart. The day I arrived at their home for new headshots they had to give me a tour of their beautiful home first. Sounds normal right? Except these sweet things are only 4 years old. They took me all around their home being the perfect little tour guides and hostesses. They showed me their rooms and described all their favorites in wonderful detail. I had the best time with them!

Then we headed outside for a little portrait time! These girls are pros, for real. They love to sing, dance, and act! They are definitely rising stars! So what do all rising stars need? Well, updated headshots of course! Good luck pretty girls I know you will be great I can’t wait to see your names in lights!