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One thing I love the most about being a Family photographer is repeat clients! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE weddings! The challenge of capturing a once in a lifetime moment. All the pretty little details and the romance of it all makes me giddy with love every time. But then the day is over […]

Early Spring I had this idea to begin offering a different kind of photography experience for teens. I had noticed that most family shoots the teens were well behaved and smiled on cue but they didn’t seem to be having as much fun as my younger kid clients. So I teamed up with my son […]

I’ve been waiting for a day at Chancellorsville Barn since August when Tracy called me to book the boys. Is it been a year since I spent some time with the Reds and I was excited to see how much these boys have grown since last year. I love that my clients become more like […]

Do you remember your middle school years?? Most of my memories consist of sports, school dances and fun times with friends. As I look back through old pictures a smile flashes across my face. No one ever seemed to take a picture alone. We always had to grab a friend or two to join us […]

I remember playing multiple sports in school. But I only played them one at a time and we had decent breaks between seasons. These guys manage to play multiple sports regularly along with all the other typical teenage to do’s. The only word I have for these guys is Impressive! Normally their Friday nights would […]

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