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Old Mill Park Friendship Shoot


Early Spring I had this idea to begin offering a different kind of photography experience for teens. I had noticed that most family shoots the teens were well behaved and smiled on cue but they didn’t seem to be having as much fun as my younger kid clients. So I teamed up with my son and we decided to offer a different kind of photography experience for teens. The Friendship Shoot! Noah and his friends had so much fun they must have talked about their experience for at least a month. Then not three months later they were asking when we could do another shoot! Score!!! I couldn’t be more excited that they loved their experience and was looking forward to a repeat session! So here it is! This time we decided to have an Old Mill Park Friendship Shoot.

It was Friday and as I waited out front of the school I wasn’t sure who would be more excited for our shoot today. In just a few minutes the bell would ring and hundreds of teens would pour out of the doors excited for the weekend. In the crowd of teenagers I was searching for just six of them and hoped they would all exit the doors together laughing and talking like the beginning of one of those teenage tv series. HA! Then just as I imagined they all emerged unaware I was stocking the doors waiting for their appearance. It was awesome! I loved watching them laugh and talk as they made their way to the parking lot the whole time unaware that for me, the photo session had already begun.

Friday + Friends = Fun Friendship Shoot Experience

Once we all rallied to the car, we took off for Old Mill Park and another great afternoon taking pictures with friends. Last time I met with this group of friends it was spring of their 8th grade year. This time they were almost half way through their Freshman year. So I was curious how they had been enjoying high school so far. At first it was crickets. School? Enjoyable? Isn’t that an oxymoron. LOL! Then I said well how about the fact you have free seating at lunch now? Then the comments poured out!! Thankful their teachers didn’t walk them to lunch anymore, they could sit where and with whomever they chose. They could have their phones out in the hallway and listen to music in between classes. Of course the only talk about classes was how difficult their AP classes were or how unfair it was to get 20% off an assignment because they left their name off of their paper. But overall it seemed as if thing had been going well for them so far.

Once we arrived at the park the fun began. The park offered such great light and so many different scene options the only thing that brought our session to an end was the sun going down. Success another great session with great friends in the books. If you have a group of friends and you are looking for a different type of photography experience lets chat! Now for a “few” of my favorites!